Choose the Right Format for website design development

Choose the Right Format for website design development

Many think that building a website is relatively simple: just install WordPress, choose a ready-made template and you’re done. Anyone can do it, even your cousin or nephew who – by the way – do it for free. So why pay a professional?

In reality it’s not that simple: Web Design is not limited to simple copy-paste between a ready-made CMS and premium theme digital marketing agency malaysia. Building a website is a more complex process that starts with the briefing, and the actual development is only the last part of the process. Let’s see together what are the basic steps that complete the construction of a professional website.

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Most of those who call themselves Web Designers skip this step, but it is fundamental for website design development: talking with the customer and understanding their needs is the first step to create a good website best digital marketing Malaysia. What website is it about? What will its main function be? What is the client’s professional activity? How will the website be consistent with the rest of the corporate image? The briefing is a fundamental step and allows the Web Designer (or the Web Project Manager, if any) to understand what the real needs of the client are and design the “perfect job”.


Once all the necessary information has been collected, we proceed with the design of the website. This phase involves the study of the information architecture, the distribution of the contents and the design of the structure, which will constitute the navigation tree of the entire website. This is a very important analysis phase: if done superficially it could in fact affect the User Experience and make navigation complex.

It is absolutely frequent that this phase is also neglected for a matter of timing, but I advise you not to: if the information architecture is not taken care of, your users may have difficulty finding the content they are looking for and may decide to abandon yours site.

The design work becomes more complex if the site is dynamic, that is, if it is built on a CMS basis. In this case, the design work also concerns the database, which must be built ad hoc and must be able to manage any future changes.

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Wireframe or Mockup

Now that the structure is ready, it’s time to create the first graphic draft of the website.

The first step is the Wireframe: it can be done digitally or using the old pen and paper duo, whatever is fine as long as it can help you make a stylized outline of what the website will look like.

The graphics are not important, the Wireframe is only used to distribute the contents and position the elements, in order to have a clear general structure to work on. Once ready, the Wireframe is transformed into a Mockup: the signs and symbols take shape, the colors and the first graphic elements are added to create the actual draft.

The Mockup will be presented to the client as the first proposal of the website. One or more graphic proposals can be prepared, in order to give the customer the possibility of choice.

Why is this phase important?

For two main reasons:

If the customer is not satisfied and wants to make changes, it is sufficient to modify the draft without having to deal with the already built website (time and misunderstandings are saved);

The Mockup is very useful for Web Developers, as the graphic elements are ready and you have to concentrate only on programming and respecting the dimensions.

Choose the Right Format for website design development
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