Using Mobile To Arm Your Home Security System

Guest post author Kevin Raposo, a blogger for SimpliSafe Home Security.

Picture the scene; you’re driving away from home for your annual holiday. Perhaps you’re on the way to the airport or, if you’re planning to travel within your own country, you’re hundreds of miles from base. Suddenly, you start to wonder if your property is secure – have you locked your doors and windows and have you set your alarm system?

If, like many thousands of others, you find yourself in this situation, what is your first response? For most, the answer is simple – panic!!

keep-calm-and-check-your-mobileWe all like to be organised ahead of a trip, whether it’s for business or purely for leisure and the likelihood is that you’ll make a checklist of vital items such as passports and spending money. You should also consider a similar checklist for home security that covers locks and setting your system before you leave.

However, if you haven’t planned ahead and you experience a sudden concern that your home isn’t safe, then some major advances in mobile security can help you relax and enjoy your break, knowing that everything is protected.

In the modern day, you can operate a highly sophisticated system remotely. That is to say that you can arm your devices and lock and unlock your doors and windows directly from your smartphone, thanks to simple and useful mobile apps you can download

So let’s look at that opening scenario again and see how you can react in two completely different ways.

Press the Panic Button!

You’re some distance from home and you start to get that nagging feeling that your property isn’t secure. If you’re prone to anxiety it can be a very distressing time and it really isn’t a joking matter when that first wave of panic starts to hit you.

It may sound extreme, but some holidaymakers have literally turned their vehicle around and driven several miles home to check their system. In many of those cases, they arrive to find that everything has already been locked, set, and made secure.

There is a possible alternative and it’s always advisable to ask a trusted neighbour to check up on the house once you’ve left base. However, you really need to establish that perfect trust if you’re going to leave a key and advise them on how your burglar alarm works!

The Calm Approach

In contrast, when you have a mobile home security system installed, the reaction should be
a much calmer one. If you suspect that your property isn’t as secure, as it should be then all you need to do is pull over to a safe place and check via your laptop or phone.

If any part of your system needs to be reset or if doors need locking, you can do so remotely via mobile. So which of these two approaches would any sane person prefer?

The Mechanics

Remote alarm systems of this kind can be as basic or as sophisticated as you want them to be. You can obtain simple bells only devices right through to complicated equipment with motion sensors that alert the local police station if you wish.home security

If you are tech savvy then installing such a system will be very easy and downloading the apps won’t cause you any issues. The whole process allows you to set up the equipment in the first place and from that stage, you can monitor and control your system no matter where you happen to be – you could even find yourself thousands of miles away on the other side of the world!

However, if you’re not so technically adept, a professional third party installation company can take care of all those problems for you. Once installed, the mobile apps are really very user friendly and anyone can use them, irrespective of their levels of technical ability.

Remote mobile security systems such as these can give you perfect peace of mind if you do find yourself in that scenario of not knowing whether your property is secure. However, they do much more besides and having a mobile facility installed allows you to monitor your home at all times of the day, allowing you to just relax and enjoy your time away.

Author Bio

This guest post was written by Kevin Raposo, a blogger for SimpliSafe Home Security. Kevin covers issues related to home security, safety, consumer issues, tech, and crime.  When he’s not writing for SimpliSafe, Kevin volunteers his time at the local zoo and playing music with friends.