Sales, PR and Customer Services: Your SEO Gold Dust

With the evolution of SEO into a broader more traditional marketing led form, your SEO campaign is increasingly likely to involve a wider mix of people. It’s unlikely that you’ll have one person in your organisation who’s a brilliant PR executive, an incredible content writer, a phenomenal developer and super creative.

There are three departments you might not historically have gone to for SEO help before, but that could actually hold SEO gold dust!

1. Sales

Link acquisition isn’t about dropping emails on people asking for a link or a sponsored post. It’s about creating content that’s compelling enough to link to, about great outreach and about getting opportunities to contribute excellent editorial on other people’s websites.

Pitching content or an idea for editorial is hugely important and getting it right can be the difference between excellent link opportunities and none whatsoever. You need to stand out from other people pitching ideas to the biggest and best publications in your niche. And pitching ideas or content has a lot in common with pitching services.

Personally, I’m a big fan of picking up the phone rather than dropping an email. For a start, you’re much easier to ignore by email, but in reality, editors, journalists and authors for high authority websites receive hundreds of emails per day, reducing the chances of yours even being opened.

Spending some time with a great cold caller or business development manager from within your organisation can give you some excellent and valuable pointers in your outreach.

2. PR

How PR interlinks with SEO needs no explanation. So if you have a PR department (even one that’s focused on offline and rarely does anything online), get them involved in your content creation, outreach and distribution. If you don’t have a PR department, get in touch with someone from a PR agency. You probably have skills they can use and vice versa.

PR agencies and professionals often have excellent contacts and are great at building new ones. They’re also fantastic at pitching ideas to publications and journalists and these are skills you need to transfer into your SEO efforts if you haven’t already.

3. Customer Services and Inbound Sales

Your organisation’s customer services department is the ‘front line,’ as it were. People picking up calls from customers (or potential customers) with questions about your products or services. You can use that.

This can be the basis of content you create for your product pages or blog. FAQs sections on websites are an effective way of driving relevant visits. And what better questions to answer than the ones your customer service reps or inbound sales people are receiving and answering day in, day out. Ask these people to record the questions they’re asked and look for recurring ones. These could form the basis of blog posts or product page content.

Similarly, if you’re trying to encourage more conversions on your site itself rather than by phone, understanding the questions that people calling up are asking could help you to answer their concerns or objections and increase your visit to online transaction conversion rate.

So start engaging multiple departments in your company to leverage their transferrable skills and knowledge to increase your online exposure, enhance your SEO results and improve your website’s content for consumers

Author bio
This is a guest post by Stacey Cavanagh. You can find Stacey’s blog at and find her on Google Plus.