Football and Mobile – The Winning Team

Although my beloved team did not make the Champions League final, I like many other football fans watched the game armed with multiple screens; ready to tap ‘post’ at a moments notice. The infographic below from our friends at Millennial provides a breakdown of mobile activity during the Champions League final this year.

We watched the game at our local public house (OK, it was a grimy pub with a massive screen) hence we are accountable for the large sway towards mobile carrier traffic (our pub doesn’t have wi-fi).

Speaking of our own usage, social media played a large part in our ‘banter’, with Facebook being our platform of choice. Whilst at halftime we were all busy queuing at the bar and keeping our heads down checking our work emails for the 15 minute break!

Whatever your individual usage pattern may be, it’s fairly obvious that mobile is our 12th man when watching football and a keen companion for many other sports.

Oh, my beloved team is Liverpool in case you were interested!

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Source: Millennial Media, Champions League 2013 Report