7 Phenomenal Statistics About Digital and Healthcare

Almost every aspect of our lives can now be managed digitally to some extent. We buy online across desktops, mobiles and tablets. We find services and we hunt out information on a range of devices.

But just how big has the digital shift been for healthcare? Here are 7 statistics that highlight just how much of an influence digital has had on healthcare.

1 in Every 20 Google Searches is Healthcare Related

That’s a whopping 5% of all searches in Google! Google handles billions of queries each day and this represents a huge number of people looking for healthcare related information online.


75% of the UK Population Admits to Going Online for Healthcare Information

Three quarters of people right here in the UK actively seek out healthcare information online.



Around 10% of the Population Wears a Device with Health Metrics Tracking

Between Fitbits and similar trackers and tracker enabled smart watches, 1 in 10 people in the UK is using digital technology to track elements of their health.



Over Half of Smartphone Owners Have Downloaded a Health or Fitness App

58% of smartphone owners have downloaded a healthcare or fitness app. This represents a huge number of smartphone technology users looking to their devices for help with health or fitness.



41% of Patients Say Their Opinions on Healthcare Providers Are Influenced by Social Media

Almost half of adults claim that their view on a healthcare provider could be influenced by what they see or read on social media about them.



Yes, Just 5% of Patients Book GP Appointments Online

Despite the fact that three quarters of us will Google information about our healthcare, just one in twenty of us are booking GP appointments online. With the potential to reduce administrative requirements and reduce missed appointments, increasing online appointment management could have a huge positive impact for GPs.



The Opportunity

What’s clear is that there is a huge opportunity within digital and healthcare. Patients and prospective patients are keen and open to digital technology for get information about healthcare, but many providers are failing to fully engage digital in delivering their services.

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