12 items you should include in your mobile app brief

Here is a very common scenario, which I am sure we have all come across in some point of our careers. Client – I’ve got an idea for a mobile app – how much will cost? Account Manager – Do you have a brief? Client – Nope Account Manager – Urgh There are some people […]

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Infographic: Social, Mobile OS and Browser Wars

We read so many reports each month, it’s enough to make our eyes water but here is a rather nice infographic that breaks down the market share for social networks, browsers and mobile operating systems. Facebook is some way ahead of the competition but strangely, Google+ doesn’t appear on the chart? With over 500m registered […]

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Sales, PR and Customer Services: Your SEO Gold Dust

With the evolution of SEO into a broader more traditional marketing led form, your SEO campaign is increasingly likely to involve a wider mix of people. It’s unlikely that you’ll have one person in your organisation who’s a brilliant PR executive, an incredible content writer, a phenomenal developer and super creative. There are three departments […]

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Mobile Apps for Employees – What You Need To Consider

Mobile is a word, which we use a lot at Integrated Change. For good reason too as this is one of our key service offerings. In a recent presentation to business leaders we asked the audience what springs to mind when I use this term. The vast majority of people said the handset or the […]

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Looking Beyond Keyword Rankings

One of the best things about marketing a business digitally is the ability to measure the effects of the work you do. Clients get to see evidence of return on investment, and we use the data to learn and improve. With SEO, the first signal everyone looks out for is ranking changes. It’s natural to […]

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Football and Mobile – The Winning Team

Although my beloved team did not make the Champions League final, I like many other football fans watched the game armed with multiple screens; ready to tap ‘post’ at a moments notice. The infographic below from our friends at Millennial provides a breakdown of mobile activity during the Champions League final this year. We watched […]

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Who is the real winner in the web app vs native app debate?

The scene was set. Two tables setup on either side of the room, populated by some of the industries most respected figures. Just a microphone and a projector separating the two. You could sense the anticipation from the attendees. Yes, it was time for the web app vs. native app debate. We’ve attended a few […]

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Penguin 2.0 Less Brutal than Expected, but Google’s War on Spam Continues

If your company operates online, you’ve probably noticed some fluctuations in rankings and traffic in the last couple of weeks. Google launched a much anticipated update – Penguin 2.0 – on 23rd May, and whilst the impact of this has been less than what many expected, the message is loud and clear. In the last […]

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Using Mobile To Arm Your Home Security System

Guest post author Kevin Raposo, a blogger for SimpliSafe Home Security. Picture the scene; you’re driving away from home for your annual holiday. Perhaps you’re on the way to the airport or, if you’re planning to travel within your own country, you’re hundreds of miles from base. Suddenly, you start to wonder if your property is secure […]

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Young Innovators: The Next Generation of Mobile Users

In conjunction with Liverpool John Moores University, we spent a morning presenting to 30 secondary school children from three schools in the North West of England. The presentation focused on mobile application development, the different types of people involved and the process to which mobile development is conducted. A quick show of hands in rather […]

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