Where does your new iPhone5c and 5s come from?

Have you ever wondered how your new shiny iPhone ended up in the palms of your hands? Where the parts are assembled and which of its key competitors are supplies? Well, in all honesty we never did until we cast our eyes over this rather nice infrographic from Finances Online. What we found staggering is […]

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6 Apps that Changed the World

Since the age of the app began in 2008, the impact of smartphone and tablet technology on modern life has been remarkable. This year alone, there will be over 100 billion app downloads worldwide, with global revenues of $26 billion. By 2017, annual downloads are projected to reach 268 billion, generating $77 billion in revenue […]

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Panda, Penguin and Competing with Big Brands

The SEO Challenges Businesses Face in 2013 SEO is a fast moving environment. The past two years in particular have brought wholesale changes to the industry. Those who performed well in search historically are finding that the very strategies and approaches that made their campaign a success are now coming back to haunt them. It’s […]

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5 Posts You Should Read if You’re Interested in Newsjacking

Newsjacking is a relatively new concept in advertising. It’s all about responding to news events in real time to generate publicity for your own brand; piggybacking on breaking stories and trending topics to generate exposure and engagement. Initially, it was mainly big brands that experimented with the concept – during the Olympics, Specsavers newsjacked the […]

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12 items you should include in your mobile app brief

Here is a very common scenario, which I am sure we have all come across in some point of our careers. Client – I’ve got an idea for a mobile app – how much will cost? Account Manager – Do you have a brief? Client – Nope Account Manager – Urgh There are some people […]

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Infographic: Social, Mobile OS and Browser Wars

We read so many reports each month, it’s enough to make our eyes water but here is a rather nice infographic that breaks down the market share for social networks, browsers and mobile operating systems. Facebook is some way ahead of the competition but strangely, Google+ doesn’t appear on the chart? With over 500m registered […]

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Sales, PR and Customer Services: Your SEO Gold Dust

With the evolution of SEO into a broader more traditional marketing led form, your SEO campaign is increasingly likely to involve a wider mix of people. It’s unlikely that you’ll have one person in your organisation who’s a brilliant PR executive, an incredible content writer, a phenomenal developer and super creative. There are three departments […]

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Mobile Apps for Employees – What You Need To Consider

Mobile is a word, which we use a lot at Integrated Change. For good reason too as this is one of our key service offerings. In a recent presentation to business leaders we asked the audience what springs to mind when I use this term. The vast majority of people said the handset or the […]

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Looking Beyond Keyword Rankings

One of the best things about marketing a business digitally is the ability to measure the effects of the work you do. Clients get to see evidence of return on investment, and we use the data to learn and improve. With SEO, the first signal everyone looks out for is ranking changes. It’s natural to […]

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