5 Things Every Dentist’s Website Needs

People are managing more and more of their everyday lives online.  People can order their shopping or make a doctor’s appointment online so it is important that dental surgeries harness their websites’ potentials too.

Here are five things all dentists should be looking at to get the best out of their websites:

Cross Device Compatibility

It goes without saying, that people are using their mobiles to do everything online that can be done with a desktop.

Your patients and prospective patients could be accessing your site from all manner of mobiles, tablets and desktop devices. So a responsive website that works efficiently across varied screen sizes is absolutely essential.

Accessible Contact Information

Consider why people use your website. Existing patients might be looking up contact information or an address on the go, for example. Therefore, a mobile friendly map, click to call number, full address and maybe even a “load directions in Google Maps,” option could all be very useful.

Make sure new patients can sign up/enquire easily

If you’re using your website for lead generation and to sign up new prospective patients, then you really need to make it easy for them to do so.

Make it clear that you’re accepting new patients and offer both a telephone number and a dedicated form for new patients. The dedicated form should ask only for the very essential information, making the initial enquiry very quick and easy for users to submit on any device.

Allow patients to book appointments online

Although many people do expect to call a surgery to book an appointment, offering the facility to book and manage appointments online is a great way to take the pressure off the receptionist and to give patients more choices for appointment management.

This could also result in fewer missed appointments and therefore more efficiency within your surgery.

Patient Testimonials and Feedback

Patients who are looking for a new dentist will be reassured by online testimonials of patients who have had a positive experience at the surgery. Details of the types of treatment that your surgery offers are obviously very helpful to potential patients and reading about the experience of other happy patients builds trust.

Enabling your patients to provide feedback through your website is a convenient way to collect valuable information that helps you to improve your services too. By allowing them to submit feedback on the website, you offer a degree of anonymity too, which makes people feel more comfortable being completely honest.

Is your website falling short?

If you feel your website is falling short of the mark, then contact us today and find out more about how we approach web design for dental surgeries. Let’s talk about how an improved website could help your surgery to achieve its goals.