4 Mobile Apps Changing the Face of Mental Healthcare

Mobile Apps have revolutionised many aspects of our lives. We use them to find our way around, to order food, to shop online and to listen to music. Healthcare has not been exempt from the mobile revolution either, with millions of people using their smartphones to get help, advice, to monitor their health and to manage appointments. There are countless apps available in the health and fitness category of various app stores. In particular, mental healthcare apps have made a real difference to people.

Here are 4 of the many apps available that are contributing to a real change in mental healthcare.


Elefriends is an online community from the mental health charity, Mind. Users can log on and share how they are feeling with other users. It is a safe environment for people to share their experiences, whether they’re having a difficult time of it or feeling positive. The community is moderated by handlers from the charity.

This is a powerful tool that puts a support network in the pocket of those who need it. People who need to share experiences or talk can now do so from wherever they are at any time using a device they carry around in their pockets.

Download Elefriends for iPhone or iPad from the Apple App Store here

Download Elefriends for Android from the Goole Play store here


Happier is a free app for sharing and recording positive things that happen throughout your day. You can share happy moments, regardless of how big or small, using the app.  Its goal – as you might have guessed from its name – is to make you happier simply by getting you to record these events. Research shows that this, coupled with other techniques like mindfulness, can have a positive impact on how happy you feel. You can also take their short video courses to help reduce negativity in your life.  Happier also has an Apple Watch app which allows you to share moments using just your voice.

Download Happier for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch from the Apple App Store here

Download Happier for Android from the Google Play store here

Happy Healthy

A study published in the BMJ found this app effective at improving mental wellbeing.

Happy Healthy is an app that focuses on improving your happiness by improving your lifestyle, exercise, nutrition and sleep. With this app you score yourself, for 7 days per month, based on a range of criteria. You then receive expert advice to motivate you based on how you have scored yourself. The overall goal is to get you to improve your sleeping, eating and exercising habits amongst other things.

Download Happy Healthy for iPhone and iPad here

What’s Up

This app offers Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy techniques to help you try to cope with things such as stress and anxiety. It is free to use and contains many helpful tools to help you deal with your issues, such as a diary to keep your thoughts in, a forum to discuss issues with other users, a tracker for positive and negative habits, and a catastrophe scale to keep your problems in perspective. The interface is customisable and very easy to use.

Only since smartphones has it become so easy for people to access this sort of information anywhere at any time.

Download What’s Up for iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store here

Download What’s Up for Android from the Google Play store here

Making Mobile Apps Work in Mental Healthcare

A mobile app can never, of course, be a replacement for effective mental healthcare. But through the creative application of mobile technology, mental healthcare apps are providing help and support on tap to those who need it